Account Activation

Worried about your financial transactions? Confused about what giving a gift to someone? Please don’t, as the PrepaidCardStatus are here to help you get rid of all the worries and make your life easier.

PrepaidCardStatus Card Activation

To use the PrepaidCardStatus, you first need to activate it. Activating these cards is a simple task. Have a look at the PrepaidCardStatus Card activation steps below:

  1. Visit the official PrepaidCardStatus website from any browser.
  2. The official website of the PrepaidCardStatus is
  3. On landing the official website, you will see a button that reads “Activate Card”. Tap that button.
  4. You will be landed on the account creation form.
  5. Submit your PrepaidCardStatus Card Number.
  6. Submit your PrepaidCardStatus Card Expiration Date and PrepaidCardStatus Card CVV number.
  7. After submitting the above details, you will be asked some personal details. Submit those details.
  8. Make sure to sign on the reverse side of the PrepaidCardStatus card. Your card is now activated and is now ready to use.

PrepaidCardStatus Phone Activation

This is another feature of PrepaidCardStatus. You can activate easily via mobile phone too. Have a look for the same below:

  1. A phone number for the PrepaidCardStatus activation via mobile phone will be printed on the PrepaidCardStatus package.
  2. Call that activation phone number. Kindly, keep your PrepaidCardStatus Card handy, as you will need the number printed on the front and the reverse side of the PrepaidCardStatus Card.
  3. Submit your PrepaidCardStatus Card number when asked with the help of your phone keypad.
  4. Enter the “Expiration Number” of your PrepaidCardStatus Card when asked.
  5. Also, submit the CVV number of your PrepaidCardStatus Card.
  6. On submitting the above details, you will receive a notification in your email address regarding your card activation.
  7. Make sure that you sign on the reverse side of the card. Now, your PrepaidCardStatus is ready to make all the purchases.